Inflation is everywhere
As you know, the cost of most goods and services, especially the cost of text books, rises considerably each year. We want to inflate your mind and not prices, so we have decided to offer these two principles texts to you at no charge. In addition, in an attempt to make text books more affordable for everyone, we have established an “Affordable Books For Everyone” scholarship fund.

Please consider donating (even a small amount) so that all students can afford to pay for books and attend college.

To donate, please visit the Howard Community College Educational Foundation page at and complete the corresponding form. You may designate your donation as a scholarship contribution towards the “Affordable Books For Everyone” fund. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.

Donor names will not be available to instructors. This is to avoid any possible conflict of interest.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Opportunities exist to market and link to your business within the text via special margin or beginning of chapter announcements or by having your business name used in some of the examples used within the text itself.

If you would like to become a corporate, business or private sponsor, please email John Bouman at to receive more information.

Thank you
Thank you for helping to inflate minds and not prices.