Per Capita GDP

Per capita GDP is the value of gross domestic product per individual of a country. If nominal GDP is $27.6 trillion (the approximate 2023 GDP of the United States), and its population is 340 million (the approximate 2023 U.S. population), then 2023 per capita GDP is $81,177 ($27.6 trillion divided by 340 million).

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Below is a table with per capita GDP of selected countries. The United States. the European Union, and China are ranked at the top in total (nominal) GDP in the latest available year. Countries such as Monaco, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg topped the list in per capita GDP.  According to the world bank, the United States per capita GDP was ranked 12th of all countries in the world. African countries such as Burundi and Sierra Leone had the lowest per capita GDP at approximately $200 – $500 per person per year. Afghanistan was also near the bottom of the list with $356. For a full and updated list of GDP and per capita GDP amounts for every country in the world, visit  and

Country/Area Most Recent Year Latest Reported Per Capita GDP (in US dollars)
World (Gross World Product) 2022 12,744
Bermuda 2022 118,775
Brazil 2022 8,918
Canada 2022 54,918
Cayman Islands 2022 99,625
China 2022 12,720
Cuba 2023 8,280
European Union 2022 37,433
Hong Kong 2022 48,983
India 2022 2,411
Japan 2022 33,824
Liechtenstein 2021 197,505
Luxembourg 2022 125,006
Monaco 2022 240,862
Netherlands 2022 57,025
Norway 2022 106,177
Qatar 2022 87,662
Sierra Leone 2022 476
Singapore 2022 82,808
South Korea 2022 32,423
Switzerland 2022 93,260
United States 2023 81,177

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